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Research Experiences for Undergraduates in Integrative and Evolutionary Biology

Research Experiences for Undergraduates in Integrative and Evolutionary Biology

Sponsored by the National Science Foundation

The University of Massachusetts Boston, located on Boston Harbor, is offering a ten-week REU program in Integrative and Evolutionary Biology. The program provides opportunities to 10 undergraduate participants each summer to become immersed in a positive research experience and other enrichment activities. Each student carries out an independent research project under the close guidance of a faculty advisor. The program stresses the integration of diverse fields of biology, demonstrating common themes across the biological sciences especially the connections between cell and molecular biology on the one hand and ecology and conservational biology on the other. Accordingly, student research projects span a diverse array of problems in biology.

The projects are designed to help students develop independence in making research decisions, skill in experimental design and insight into their broad field of research. In addition to research, students participate in enrichment activities designed to promote a sense of community, teach communication skills, enhance understanding of issues surrounding modern biology, and prepare students for advanced work in science. These experiences occur during weekly discussions and workshops that focus on practical, personal and ethical aspects of research.

The program also features field trips in and around Boston Harbor and final research presentations. The program serves a culturally and ethnically diverse student population, thus broadening the participation in science of underrepresented groups. Close mentoring relationships, as well as collegial interactions among student participants, are key components of the experience. The program is designed to stimulate and support in biological research and to equip students to pursue research careers.